Bedcote Morris are a mixed sex Cotswold Morris side (that’s team to you and me!) from Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Founded in 1991, Bedcote dance many dances from different traditions including:
– Oddington
– Lichfield
– Bledington
– Fieldtown
– Abingdon
– Upton-Upon-Severn

The main aim of the side is to have fun and provide colourful entertainment, whilst at the same time, preserving some of our rapidly diminishing English folk traditions.

But why “Bedcote?”

“Bedcote” is the name of the feudal manor which eventually went on to become Stourbridge!

How can I have a go?

We are always looking for new members! Even if you have no dancing experience, we would love to have you come along to practice. Practices run from September to April and are on Thursday evenings 8-10pm at Gigmill Methodist Church. Feel free to come along and have a go!

Want to contact us?

Email us on info@bedcote.com or contact us via our Facebook Page to chat!

For Chris…

If there was anyone who would know how to pen these difficult few words, it would be the eloquent, perceptive and ever witty man who we are compelled to write them about.
Chris has taken his curtain call and will no longer brighten our practice or performance with his peerless musicianship, thoughtful leadership and ever present enthusiasm.
There were many more adventures to take, tunes to play and pints to drink. You stepped out too soon and left a chair no-one will ever fill.
Our thoughts are always with Lou and the family and our heavy hearts weep for the loss of our squire… our friend.
Chris Burton 1959-2020